Cleveland Indians National Anthem 

As I look back on another beautiful season of Cleveland baseball, I can’t help but think about the amazing night I had in September singing the National Anthem.  I don’t know, maybe it gets more fun each year.  Maybe it gets easier? But this year was so very special. 

Was I nervous to sing? Yes! I'm human. It’s a difficult song, and there’s a mic-to-speaker delay in Progressive Field. I’m singing to honor my country and those who fight for it, and also for my favorite players.  And my WWII vet Grandpa in…

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Don't Change that Dial 

Songs I'm currently cranking up on the radio..

"Miles" Phillip Phillips

"Move You" Kelly Clarkson

"Bulletproof" Citizen Way

"Secret" Maroon 5

"Attention" Charlie Puth

"Just Another Thing" Maren Morris

What are you listening to? Comment here! 

Most Requested - Album Credits (Available July 29, 2016!) 

MEGAN ZURKEY, most requested

1 Undeserving 
2 Round & Round 
3 Side B 
4 Thinking Out Loud 
5 Beer with Jesus 
6 All My Life (Radio Edit) 
7 Costume 
8 Money for Love 
9 Rag Doll 
10 Just Tell Me (feat. Dan Monea)
11 Behind Your Eyes 
12 When I Wasn't Looking 
13 Tornado 
14 The Chase 
15 Another Face 
16 Find Me in Cleveland 
17 Parade (feat. Baz Here)
© Rockin Due Time Publishing 2016 

Megan Zurkey: Songwriter 1-3, 5-17; Vocals/Harmonies ALL; Guitar 1-3, 5-6, 9-14, 16; Production 2, 4-6, 10-11, 13 
Baz Here: Co-writer…

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Thinking Out Loud 

I fell in love with "Thinking Out Loud" last summer when asked to sing it at a wedding. And it just won Song of the Year at The Grammys! Check out my band's version available TUESDAY, February 23rd on almost every digital platform possible, in anticipation for the release of my new original song, "Round and Round" coming SOON! Thank you to Jim Stewart Recording, Cauliflower Audio and my band Ken Schopf, Zach Catania and Adam Orin for making music with me! Photo by Sian Wright, Graphics by Jenna Fournier.  

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No Sleep in the CLE with Justin Markert and Singer/Songwriter Megan Zurkey 

No Sleep in the CLE with Justin Markert and Singer/Songwriter Megan Zurkey Posted By Eric Sandy on Tue, May 12, 2015 at 8:30 am Today on the No Sleep in the CLE podcast, Justin Markert sits down with singer/songwriter Megan Zurkey to talk about her new EP "Behind Your Eyes". They talk about her roots as a classically trained singer, the difference between club shows and bar shows, as well as camaraderie of the Cleveland music community.

Megan will be releasing "Behind Your Eyes" at the Happy Dog West…

In my head 

When I'm performing, nothing else matters. The crummy music industry doesn't exist. The juggle of two careers feels like a breeze. My bills sitting on the table that I can barely pay with two full time gigs aren't really there. The fact that I'm probably going home to bed alone tonight isn't a thought in my mind. Because when I'm performing, I'm alive.. and nothing else is important.

I often wonder if this high can ever be matched by anything else. I wonder if this is exactly why so many big stars turn to…Read more

My favorite Christmas Carol 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Every time I hear this song, I am immediately moved into the holiday spirit. There's just something about the feel of the melody and lyrics that give you an image in your head about the love and joy of Christmas, family together, sharing memories, love, etc. In addition, this was one of my favorite carols to sing in my high school ensemble - some of the greatest years of my life. I remember singing a high soprano descant at the end. Strong harmonies in this song made…Read more

What inspires me? 

At the Rock Hall, there are interactive booths that trace your favorite artist/band back to their favorite artist/band.  What inspires them?  I love when I hear a song, can't get enough of it, and start writing because of it.  Here are a few more songs that are recently moving me..

"I am not a man" - Lena Fayre
"Four Walls" - Broods
"If I Go" - Ella Eyre
"365 Days" - ZZ Ward

A few of my favorite songs of all time:
"After Tonight" - Justin Nozuka
"Always be my Baby" - Mariah Carey
"Not ready to make nice" - Dixie…Read more

Band = Family 

Whether i'm rockin' out solo, with other musicians, or singing in a choir of 60 people, I love playing music. However, there's something special about a band. I love playing with my band. There are so many reasons bands become like family, and if they don't - they probably aren't the right fit. (been there, too).

I feel so comfortable around my guys; We can just relax, have fun, and work together through our sets. When things go wrong, no worries - they're there for me. When things go right? We smile, laugh,…Read more

What is Megan listening to? 

Summer 2015-

Andy Grammer
Welshly Arms
Kacey Musgraves
Danny Gokey
Billy Currington

Miranda Lambert
Sara Bareilles

Have you heard my new release, "Behind Your Eyes"? Visit the STORE tab, now!