New original song, "Round & Round" Coming March 8th 

CLEVELAND – March 1, 2016 – Next Tuesday, March 8th, Cleveland singer/songwriter Megan Zurkey releases a brand new original single, “Round & Round,” following the release of their cover of Ed Sheeran’s, “Thinking Out Loud.” 

Recorded in January at Jim Stewart Recording in Cleveland, drummer Ken Schopf, guitarist Zach Catania,  bassist Adam Orin and singer/songwriter Megan Zurkey made “Round & Round” with many classic instrument including a 1940’s-50’s drum kit, 1976 bass, and 1967 guitar. 

In the past year or so since her last release, Zurkey has graced stages across the city from the Hard Rock Rocksino to the Alex Theatre at the 9 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s performed at Brite Winter, Heights Music Hop, and NEO Cycle and performed numerous national anthems at Cleveland Indians games at Progressive Field. 

“I love performing. I love writing. After completing four other projects over the past five years, I couldn’t wait to work with the amazing Jim Stewart on my next one,” said Megan. “As soon as I wrote a new single that I loved, I had to get my band in his studio.  It was a couple of the best days of my life in the studio with them. It feels so good to play music with talented people that just ‘get’ you.” 

Zurkey worked with all Cleveland area musicians and artists.  Mastering was done at Cauliflower Audio, and her album artwork is a Sian Wright original designed by artist/musician Jenna Fournier from Nights.  The song will be featured on NEO Rocks radio and Cellar Door Cleveland to name a few. 

“Round & Round” will be available through all major online music retailers on March 8th. In the meantime, check out their recent release of “Thinking Out Loud” for a taste of their new work. 

New Single, "Thinking Out Loud" 

Hear Megan and her band's take on Ed Sheeran's, "Thinking Out Loud" this Tuesday, February 23rd!  "Thinking Out Loud" won Song Of the Year at the Grammy's this year, so they're pretty excited they decided to record it while in studio with Jim Stewart.  Their new original single, "Round and Round" is coming, soon!

Thinking Out Loud
Written by Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge

Megan Zurkey - vocals
Zach Catania - guitar(s)
Ken Schopf - drums
Adam Orin - bass

ASCAP Rockin Due Time Publishing
Recorded at Jim Stewart Recording
Mastered at Cauliflower Audio
Photo and Graphics by Sian Wright and Jenna Fournier

4th Year on Jango Airplay's Holiday Playlist! 

Out of over 3000 submissions, Megan's original song "The Greatest Gift" has been selected as a top 180 song to be placed in the Independent Holiday ’15 station on!  This is the fourth year that "The Greatest Gift" has made the playlist.  

What a thrill! ‪

Listen to the Holiday Station HERE! 

Listen to "The Greatest Gift" HERE!

Band of the Week: Megan Zurkey 

Band of the Week: Megan Zurkey 

Concert Preview

Meet the Band: Megan Zurkey (vocals, guitar), Ken Schopf (drums), Zach Catania (guitar), Don T. Day (bass)

An eclectic upbringing: Zurkey started singing at the age of 3. Her dad was a choral director for Avon Lake high school and played the organ at Bay Methodist. "He always had the most amazing sound systems," Zurkey says of her father. "He liked classical music but also the Beatles and the Who and Eric Clapton. I have an eclectic sound because of all the influences. Bruce Springsteen ended up becoming my favorite. I got to meet him when I worked at the Rock Hall and helped out when he toured the Rock Hall in 2011. He's a good guy."

Taking it to church: Zurkey released her first album in 2010 and followed it up with an EP that came out in 2011. For her most recent album, Behind Your Eyes, she holed up in Harkness Chapel on the Case Western Reserve campus. She recorded there in January despite the cold temps. "We had to nail it out quickly," she says. "I worked with the band to get everything up to speed before we went to the chapel, and I worked with the engineer to make sure he was ready. We had to get the place warm and then turn the heat off. By the end of the session, it was freezing, but I had a ball."

Why you should hear her: With 2013's Questions and Answers, she discovered she has an "indie eclectic sound that mixes country and pop." So for Behind Your Eyes, she wanted to "stay true to me. My second release was pretty country and someone wanted me to stick to that, but I can't conform to any specific sound." The song "All My Life" features Zurkey's supple voice and features a groovy mid-song guitar solo. The title track is a somber ballad about a bitter breakup. "Beer with Jesus" isn't as irreverent as its title would imply. It's a folk-y song about questioning life decisions. "The title came up when I was talking to a former co-worker," she says. "I was inspired by our conversation — and you can't force writing — but sometimes things come out that need to be said. I didn't expect it to be a heartfelt ballad." "Where We Are" features tender vocals and acoustic guitar. Her cover of Miranda Lambert's "The Fastest Girl in Town" is a gritty rocker that sounds like the folk equivalent of Joan Jett & the Black Hearts' "Bad Reputation." "It's become a song that we end a lot of shows with," Zurkey explains. "I rock it out because it's so much fun to play. I wanted to make a recording that represents how we play it." It's her first professional recording of a cover song.

Where you can hear her:

Where you can see her: Megan Zurkey performs with a full band at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 15, at the Happy Dog on Detroit Avenue, and performs solo at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 16, at Paper Moon Vineyards in Vermilion.