From the album The Greatest Gift

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Lyrics written by: Megan Zurkey
Music written by: Megan Zurkey and Patrick Scanlon
Mixed and produced by: Jon Johnson
Musicians: Eric Baltrinic, Freddy DeMarco and Jon Johnson


Wake up with snow
It's a glorious day
Joy and laughter fill the air
We wish each other merry Christmas
Cause that's the thing to do

But where did it begin
And why does Santa bring us presents
Did we forget baby Jesus
The greatest gift of all (x 2)

Were reminded it's Jesus birthday
When we see a manger scene
When Santa stops by he'll kneel and pray
And thank god for this amazing day

His kingdom will never end
He let's us live without fear
He holds us in his hands
What a gift
Love and joy and peace he brings

The world is silent now
Our hearts are open wide
A new baby a gift from god above
Is here to save us all
Is here to save us all